fxtvLogoFXmedia is my company and I am doing FXTV in the evenings. Distrita is the news site which FXmedia is making. I want the Television Market to be free again. As free as when ASTRA in 1989 wanted everything to be free.

Before Murdoch bought Sky Channel, it was an independent and European focused channel. The aim was to unite Europe with music, entertainment and sports. So Mr. Murdoch started the “so called revolution” in 1989 everyone thought. But the “so called revolution” didn’t last long as Mr. Murdoch had other plans. He closed off everyone in Europe except for UK and Ireland. He started the so called “Television Package Revolution”.

FXTV plans is to first grow in Norway, then Scandinavia and in the end also Europe. The point of FXTV is to give everyone musicvideos, entertainment, culture, documentaries, animated movies, short movies and news to everyone. Also, I don’t want FXTV to become another channel that is getting bought and put into packages. Instead, I will work for Free TV to Europe. Because as I see it, the whole split is more hurting.

MTV in Europe for example. It was superb. Now its splitted in various Language variations. I want to know whats going on in UK regarding music. I want to see shows that connects Europe even with so many languages and cultures. I want TV to become Free as the net, where only Movie channels and Sports channels can be subscribed to as they don’t show commercials.

So please do watch FXTV everyday and support the channel. In the beginning now, the channel won’t be subtitling in English, but once the finances is in order and the channel becomes bigger. The aim for Scandinavia is the first goal in 2014.

Watch FXTV here!



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