Do you have hidden treasures in the basement?

Does it begin to pile up in the attic and in the basement? Is booth full of things you do not really need?

Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures

Helping people to find treasures are not news in the tv market. BBC has shown “Antiques Roadshow” since 1979, and is now in season 34. In Scandinavia “Antikrundan” has been shown on SVT (Swedish national TV) since 1989 and is now showing season 19. It shows that this is still a very successful concept.

TV3 Norway starts “Hidden Treasures” this spring season. Have you inherited an old crockery? Or do you have some old skis in the cabin? Do you have an old record collection? TV3’s expert team can help you find the hidden treasures at home!

The concept is that the experts find the value of the items and auction it, and the money goes directly to what you dream about. Time for a holiday, perhaps?

The show is based on another BBC production, “Cash in the Attic” and will be produced by Snowman Productions for TV3. In United Kingdom the series has become very popular and has been run for 17 seasons and approximately 600 programs since it started back in 2002.

Distrita is excited and hope that this can bring a new wave for a channel that really needs a public favorite. TV3 has lost importan market values during 2011-2012. From 10% market in 2010 to 7% two years later, 2013 can be a really important year. We think that people love to learn how to make money. Everybody has a dream to achieve something unexpected, and this show can reach a big target, the attrative youth, from 16-40 years old, with help of good hosts and interesting participants.

On the photo:  ‘Bad Luck Boots’, worn at Narvik festival in 2010 during a TNT show, but unworn since a heart attack the following day, cancelling all following shows. These are heavy duty and you gotta have big feet, these are a size 48 !!! Consequently, after only one show, they are immaculate. Starting bid 1500 NOK (200 Euros).

Photo: TV3


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