21 year old Nicholas Boundy, aka DJ M4Sonic, helped to create what is now become Ylvis-boys’ world shit, says Stargate in Dagens Næringsliv (a Norwegian financial newspaper). This have been unknown until now. Stargate breaks the news.

And if you haven’t seen The Fox, here is a reminder:

Ylvis is a Norwegian humor-duo with musical talent, which is brothers. They consist of Bård (born in 1982) and Vegard Ylvisåker (born in 1979). Ylvis gained international attention after “The Fox”, which was intended as a promo video for “I Kveld med Ylvis”, a Late Tonight show aka show on TV Norge. The pop song have become very popular and now got over 113 million views.

Nicholas Boundy is the 6th song writer together with Stargate, which helped “The Fox” song to become a reality. It’s really interesting to see how songs that is not ment to become hits, becomes insane hits. Kudos goes to the Ylvis brothers and Distrita wishes them all the best in the future. They are one of the best talkshow hosts in Norway and with this hit they become even more known across the globe.

Distrita will follow up Ylvis now and then.