Just want to give every reader of Distrita a happy easter time. Here in Norway it just begun. Most of people upnorth here goes skii in the mountains or just keep close contact with families and friends. Thursday and Friday is totally day off, while Saturday is sort of a half working day. The stores are only open until 16.00, after that day its Easter time, with Sunday be 1st Easter day, while Monday is the 2nd. So, for Norwegians the first official working day is Tuesday after the long Easter Weekend.

Here is Distrita gift to all of our Readers


So, from all of us at Distrita. We wish you a pleasant Easter Time. But don’t be afraid. Distrita will update now and then even in Easter Time.

The picture here is drawn by me. It was my first attempt to drive an Manga character in TVPaint for Amiga. Now I tried to make it a bit more Easter related. Hope you like it.