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Hi! We are writing to all of our potential advertisers, concerning a sponsorship opportunity on Distrita. We know that Your Company or Organization has its mission and desire to give back to local organizations and communities, and we hope to get your support.

Distrita consists of private, independent writers contributing with different interesting articles that spans from niche to well known topics. Because of that, we would be happy to present your company within your desired category.

The prices are generous and we gladly share our stats with you. We have between 15000 and 46000 unique visitors every month. If your organization would like to participate as a sponsor on our site, please contact Distrita today with the amount of your donation.

Our advertising options is

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The goal for Distrita is to reach all parts of the globe. We want to give personal, independent and interesting articles that is written by people from all corners the world. Internet was always about connecting the world together and Distrita take this even further bringing the articles that matters to you. By advertising here, you also supporting a site supporting various niches and bigger topics written by people passionated about what they write about.

Distrita Team
Trond and Michal