Distrita website is 9 Years old Today

In February 2009, we started up Distrita. Now today we are 9 Years old. So, with this celebration we want to send a huge thanks to all that have contributed to us worldwide so that Distrita is growing everyday because of You. Our mission was to become big and to be able to pay our contributors. That mission is still ongoing, but its taken longer than what we thought.

Distrita is a hub for anyone that wants to tell about their passion, about their topics and about their stories. You can promote for your company or your organization. You can write about lifestyle, food, travel, gadgets, media or even about your favorit musical band. Distrita is Yours and this is what it will be kept forever. Distrita is Your independent platform. Your place where you can say whatever you want. Either be a part of the Distrita team by publishing your own articles here or send them to [email protected] and we will post them for you.

Welcome to yet another 9 years or even more with Distrita. We are here to fight for independent content on-line. We are here to fight for no political influences by CEO’s or anyone. It is your words that counts and we have no censorship policy. We help you! That’s our mission!



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