On 20th of January 2009, Distrita site was launched. That is 5 years ago and site is slowly but growing.

Our first plan with the site was to launch a site giving you lots of travel news and information. The plan was too big to become a reality, so we changed during 2010 and became what you see here today. A site which is independent and dedicated to free Internet News brought to you by different writers from all corners of the world.

Distrita wants to thank all contributors! We would also say that we think that Distrita have filled a need for a site that writes and thinks different than others.

News for 2014 is that FXTV from FXmedia have been launched. You can watch the show directly from Distrita site as FXTV is ment for everyone. It is a service where you can contribute with musicvideos, short-films and other self-made that can be shown content.

Welcome to Distrita for 5 more years! And more… !