Today Distrita launches a project aiming at playing Train Fever in a way where I connect all of the cities with tram lines instead of train lines that takes huge space because of the big needed central stations.

The project itself is to only build tram lines between cities in Train Fever. Find out if this could be done in real world? What if we made trams that connected cities in the world? The areas for huge central stations could be used for something else? Another fact is that trams would be able to take you from areas that a train network cant reach.

Here is a video that Distrita have made for this project:

In Den Haag (Netherlands), Kassel (Germany) and Karlsruhe (Germany) the world already have train-trams. These trams can go over 100km/h and can use both tramtracks in the center and train tracks. More cities in this world should really think of this. Trams have lasted way longer than any buses have. They also lasts way longer. In Lisbon, Portugal you have one of the oldest trams still running from 1901. Here in Oslo where I live, I have seen the public transport company change the buses 5 times while the trams have changed 1 time.

Think about it and if you would like to support this project, head over to our Facebook page!