A Superman film club in Bandung, Indonesia will have a superb event for all Superman lovers on 26th of April. This event starts at 09.30 in the morning, so don’t oversleep it.

Taking over Cinema in Bandung

This Superman film club, have managed to borrow a cinema and invites several of people in Bandung to this event. Just look at this very nicely done poster, where you also can see our Distrita logo at the bottom
Distrita PosterDistrita will give you full details on how this event went after 26th of April. So now you know that there are also Superman fans in Indonesia and that they all will watch The Avengers 2 together.

You can Call these people if you are nearby

  • Shin Ryu: 0813 949 16115
  • William: 0818 0955 8889
  • Ajie: 0822 1443 8470
  • Abenk: 0878 2467 2150

We at Distrita hopes that you will go on this event OR you can wait and get all the Superman Club Bandung event details after 26th of April.

Book now and Join this event! We urge you to and support this film club!