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We are looking for you! We need to expand our staff and we want to reach our goals to become worlds most readable Independent on-line magazine. Wherever you are in this world, we are looking for you and You can make a difference together with us. Today we have writers and contributors from Mexico, Indonesia, USA, Norway and Poland. We also have support from people in Iraq, Singapore and Taiwan.

Are you the next one that we are looking for?

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Please use our contribute.distrita.com
site for signing up as Distrita Team member!

There is no fee to pay and we don’t demand a lot. What we like to see is 2-3 contributions a month either its writing, promotion or just contribution of material that Distrita website can use. Also when you write you will earn points! From the very first article you write, you will make points that will generate an extra income for you. And you will be taken very good care of you if you deliver new content frequently.

Distrita writes about Retro and Nextgen computers and gadgets mostly today. We also have some health and transport articles. But you can choose your topics and in that way shape Distrita a lot. Here we write about the interests writers loves to write about.

Welcome to Distrita! Distrita is Looking for You!

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