Introducing you to Distrita’s office! Now its officialy open for business! We are two brave pepople in an ever changing Internet, that have found a nice office where we can improve everything about Distrita. Our offices is central of Oslo and here we are going to stay as long it is possible. With this news item topic image, we are presenting some of the areas that Distrita will focus on a long with everything else that we find to share with you.

From now on, Distrita will deliver more Exsclusive news regarding Retro, Dreamcast, Amiga and MorphOS. We will also put big efforts on giving you important news about other independent happenings worldwide. You will also find articles regarding independent game companies and read about exotic places to go. Our independent commitment is to give you news and articles from everywhere and not just from massmedia. We want you to get rich information about everything and anything.

So, welcome to a new era for Distrita! From now on, we will double our content work every week. This means that there is no more gaps like before.

We hope that you will Enjoy your stay here. Bookmark us! Share us! and do Contribute! We are here for You and Everyone. That’s the Distrita spirit and it’s been our goal ever since we started up in 2010.

Welcome to you’re New Independent World!

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Since 2010 and still Independent!

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