Dirt Roads that Makes Cities Skylines farms look even better 1

People are really creative when they improve things for Cities Skylines. Without makers such as Macwelshmans creativity, the game wouldn’t be the same. With this road upgrade from Steam Workshop, all of the farms will look much better as most of the farms got dirty roads.

Many new Dirt Roads from Macwelshmans on Steam Workshop

With this upgrade, you don’t just get one new dirt road. No, there are several in fact two and both of them look superb for your city construction. This pack contains two roads designed to give creators a more realistic option for dirt roads. And they look just awesome. Your farmers in the game will for sure love it too. Because asphalt roads in farmers’ area aren’t good for the animals living there.

The roads share textures allowing the Loading Screen Mod to share them in-game and therefore reducing the load on your computer. So this is a brilliantly made dirt road extension for your Cities Skylines game.

To get this extension, you need to have bought Cities Skylines from Steam. Then you get access to Steam Workshop that lets you Subscribe. If you have bought it through GOG you must ask the maker if he can release it for you. In that way, you will not lose the files eventually.

Download Dirt Roads for Cities Skylines
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The total feel of this new Dirt Road product is really great. The farmers in your city will love it! And you…

Dirt Roads that Makes Cities Skylines farms look even better 2

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