Tired of the beach life when visiting Tenerife, then you can take the tramway in Santa Cruz or you can visit Loro Parque if your wallet permits it.

Read our honest and totally independent article about this amazing but a bit expensive zoo experience. This Zoo sits in Puerto de la Cruz, which is a smaller town in the northwestern part of Tenerife. We got to see Loro Parque which was advertised almost everywhere on the island. Check out the experience. 

I visited this park together with my wife and my son. It was a nice experience. But in many cases, the advertising went too far.

Here is our Review of Loro Parque on Tenerife - Loro Parque Orca show
Loro Parque Orca show is a humongous extravagant show for sure. But at the end they manage to squeeze Siam Park advertising even! Why???…. !!!! Love the orcas though!
Here is our Review of Loro Parque on Tenerife
Two birds in Love… So adorable!

Do Not Forget That Loro Parque is on Tenerife

When you come to Tenerife with whatever plane, the very first thing you notice is adverts about Loro Parque and its sister park Siam Park which is a water park. Then when you leave the airport, you might think that the adverts will be less but it’s rather totally opposite! On almost every garbage holder on the island, you will see either Loro Parque or Siam Park posters. And if that wasn’t enough, almost every hotel and tourist info has big posters telling you to visit these parks.

To be clear. I am not against regular advertising, but at this level, it is too much. And with the entry price at 30 EURO per person, it’s remarkable that the owners manage to pull off adverts almost everywhere. With this kind of marketing, I would think that the entry would be much less expensive… but it’s not… Ohh and at the end of the spectacular shows at Loro Parque, they even managed to squeeze in Siam Park advertising. Isn’t this a bit too extreme? Even with 30-40 percent with less advertisement, I am sure these two parks would have survived without any issues at all, hmrf…

Here is our Review of Loro Parque on Tenerife
A seal is showing off its skills with a ball at Loro Parque

The Loro Parque is a Worth visit

Even with the high ticket prices and humongous of adverts that puts your mind on fire, the park itself is a worth visit. If you have the funds, those 30 Euros are well spent. After my visits to Lisbon (Portugal), Berlin (Germany), Kristiansand (Norway) and now Loro Parque in Tenerife, Spain.

I must say that it is amazingly well made and taken care of. It is very clean everywhere and the animals actually seem to have a great time there. I guess that the high ticket prices, make the park survive. They also do lots of work to preserve animals and species. You can actually see how they work with small fishes and jellyfish. It’s so interesting seeing the tiny jellyfish for sure.


Fantastic Shows with Loved Trainers

The animal showcases of orcas, dolphins, and seals are extraordinary. They are full of love and humor. Animals really seem to enjoy their life’s there and the trainers seem to take good care of them. However, some of the security persons did cruel things to visitors who didn’t reach the timed shows.

That is not acceptable in my view. For spending 30 EURO, all visitors to the park should be respected. People with small children that wanted to see the shows were forcibly rejected in many cases.

Spotted Garden eel in our Here is our Review of Loro Parque on Tenerife
Spotted garden eel showing up from the sand. Amazing eel looking around up from the sand, looking like an alien of some sort. Really bizarre and awesome to look at.

Penguins do have Real cold and Snow

It’s nice to see penguins so close. They have no fear for humans it seems and they live in a place where snow is falling down on them from the roof. This park has a good eye on how to give the animals a respectful life, even though they are in a zoo.


The park does promote a lot for Red Pandas and White Tigers, but on our visit, we didn’t say so much of these amazing animals. The Red Pandas did only sleep when we visited the park in the trees and the white tigers were sleeping? Except for this, lots of different monkeys, birds, and fish could be seen. One of the more obscure and cool ones I saw was the sand eel.

With their heads sticking out of the sand, they really look like aliens from another dimension. Really awesome! I hope you’re not scared away by our Review of Loro Parque on Tenerife. If you have the funds and ignore the ads it’s a nice trip for sure.

Penguins with snow pouring down on them. I always liked penguins, and if you look closely at the picture you might even spot a huge penguin. Hint! Its sort of in the middle. Amazing animals both on land and excellent underwater. Clean and well-protected environment here at Loro Parque


Here is a map of where to find Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife, Spain

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Loro Parque Final Verdict

If the adverts weren’t too much presented on the island and on the park itself, I would infact love this park a lot more. Also after we entered the park, we had to cue to be taken a photo of ourselves. Inside the park they also have a small roller coaster for children etc and all these things demands extra money or pushes you to actually pay more. With the stiff price of 30 EURO, all these stuff should be covered. Kiosks and Restaurants we understand should be able to take extra, but this park invites families and when just pulling money out of visitors pockets … Its really not a nice thing to do. But if you are able to ignore all this, Loro Parque is a fantastic visit. The park verdict would be a much more pleasant one if the park actually were a park and not a money hungry park promoting itself way too much. Ohh.. bonus score! There is a free touristic train going from the centre of Puerto de la Cruz to the park which is nice and entertaining for all ages.