In Sri Lanka there is life around every corner, you never know what surprise awaits you. These creatures live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Sri Lankan Tour HUB can help you find those special places on the island, so you can stop and take your time looking at your surroundings. There is so much to see that having a guide will give you the best experience for sure.

Huge number of natural reserves on Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the countries in the world with the largest number of natural reserves! They are both natural and human made! On Sri Lanka you can discover the richness of all species and access certain reserves and protected areas where animals live in the wild. Sri Lankan Tour HUB takes you safely to these places and makes sure that you will without doubt, have the time of your life. The wildness on Sri Lanka is just waiting for you to see and experience it.

Exploring and seeing wild animals is a wonderful experience if you have plans to visit Sri Lanka. There is much to do on the beaches but if you want to experience more then it is nice to see the reserves and protected areas of the world with a wide variety of different types of animals. If you’re coming from one of the northern most countries in the world with winter and cold weather half of the year, you will not see the variety of wildlife that you do here. Experience wild Sri Lanka. It will be an adventure that you will never forget. Keep in mind it is totally legal to take pictures of the animals and bring the experience home with you to share with family, friends or .. with just yourself and your memories.

Here are some of the National Parks of Sri Lanka

  • Get to Know Natural Parks in Sri LankaYala National Park

It is one of the most famous and popular national parks in Sri Lanka.

And this visit must be essential, once you visit the country. One interesting thing that you should know, is that Yala National Park has one of the highest densities of leopards in the world. These are one of the fastest cats in the animal world and can run up to 60 km/h (36 mph) which is pretty awesome!

There is also a large population of elephants, deer, crocodiles, buffalo and even bears. Besides, it is a spectacle for bird lovers. Peacocks with their bright plumage will entrance you and  people will envy your pictures and memories.

Get to Know Natural Parks in Sri Lanka

  • Get to Know Natural Parks in Sri LankaMinneriya National Park and Kadulla National Park

There are so many interesting national parks in Sri Lanka and these two are no exception at all. In these parks, there is one of the largest populations of elephants in Sri Lanka. These majestic animals with their huge trunks is one of worlds smartest and empathetic animals.

There are only a very few places in the world now that you can see so many elephants together. You will also be able to see them from very close range. They are wonderful animals that have a strong family identity and because of that they defend and care for each other more than many other animals.  Sri Lankan Travel HUB takes you around the lakes while watching them from an all-terrain vehicle prepared for the occasion. An exciting and unforgettable experience is waiting for you!

Get to Know Natural Parks in Sri Lanka

  • Udawalawa National Park

Get to Know Natural Parks in Sri LankaWant to explore the southern part of Sri Lanka? This park sits to the south of the island, and is not far from Yala National Park. You can read about it here.

In this southern National Park on Sri Lanka, you will find the Udawalawa Elephant Transit tribute, an insertion center for orphaned elephants. In this park you also find various  leopards, bears, variety of deer, crocodiles, water buffalo and monkeys. Its an experience out of this world for many and you will get a surreal and closer connection with the nature of this planet! It’s a must see place and Sri Lankan Travel HUB covers this national park also.

Get to Know Natural Parks in Sri Lanka

  • Get to Know Natural Parks in Sri LankaWilpattu National Park

This park is well known for the attractiveness for those that want to see more leopards. It is located on the west coast of the country and is the largest of Sri Lanka’s national parks. A safari in Wilpattu is very different from other national parks. Here you will experience a genuine atmosphere.

This park means something more than it’s name only. Wilpattu means in Cingale, the local language in Sri Lanka, “natural lakes”.  The level and variety of nature is impressive in Wilpattu National Park  .  Here you will experience majestic breathtaking elephants, lazy bears, leopards, crocodiles and buffaloes. This park has everything for anyone that loves to capture a realistic glimpse of the natural wild life. An exquisite experience for people coming to Sri Lanka.

Get to Know Natural Parks in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka gives you the opportunity to experience the special wildlife, bring your memories home and to capture them forever on film. You have the  unique chance to see how the wildlife lives in it’s native home.  There is nothing better than exploring nature with the expertise of an experienced guide guiding you and that is what Sri Lankan Travel HUB does best. Visit their homepage for even more national parks information!

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Get to Know Natural Parks in Sri Lanka