Bergen is Norway’s second largest city with around 272.000 people. It is the world’s wettest city in the world and the city in Norway with mildest winter temperatures. The city center itself is surrounded by 7 mountains, which makes sure that clouds that hit them deliver lot’s of rain to the city. So, because of all of these rainy days. It’s finally nice to see Bergen Light Rail going all the way from Bergen Airport to Bergen city center. Yes! The very first underground sort of station for Bergen Light Rail is now opened at Bergen Airport. Read on…

Now you don’t need to get that much wet Anymore

With the complete Line 1 of Bergen Light Rail, you can take the tram all the way with Skyss (which is the name of the transport company in the area), from the airport to the city center of Bergen without getting wet if it rains. But, do remember to take a raincoat or an umbrella with you. In Bergen, you never know if you will get rain! Or if you love rain, you can do whatever you want. The tram wagons got space, they are all low floors and do have a stylish design. Cities like London uses some of the same type tram types. Also, Aalborg in Denmark, have their own version of the same tram wagon type that will run in their city soon.

Map of Bergen Light Rail

Bergen Light Rail
photosource: Distrita / Here is a map of the route from Bergen Lufthavn, which is the airport to Byparken which is Bergen center

Reach Bergen Center in 45 minutes without any Traffic Jams

Now you have the possibility to reach Bergen center for a much cheaper price, with Bergen Light Rail. You can also take the much more expensive Airport shuttle buses or a much more expensive Taxi. But that is not a smart thing to take any more.

Yes! The fact is that they are slightly faster, but they also cost double, and if you get stuck in a traffic jam on the roads, you will be stuck there. However, with Bergen Light Rail you will run on its own route beside the road, 90% of the time and when it, however, runs thru parts where it shares the track with people or cars, there are minimal of traffic there. The Bergen Light Rail is also running much more frequently than the other choices! So, even if it takes a little bit longer. To take this new transportation from the airport is actually better all in all even though it takes a bit longer outside of the rush hours.

Bergen Light Rail
photosource: Hordaland fylkeskommune / The official opening of the Bergen Airport tram stop

Most Enviromently friendly Transportation Choice for sure

Even though, the tram takes slightly longer time than the bus or taxi. The tram is a way more enviromently friendly alternative. It is even more enviromently friendly than a electric car even, because of no rubber wheels spitting dust into the air. Also, if you are going to Nesttun then the tram is for sure a great transportation. The wagons that Bergen Light Rail is also very long, so they can handle lots of people. So, you will breath better, save more money and become way more enviromently friendly by choosing this transportation method to Bergen city center.

Also! It’s important to inform that the Bergen Light Rail connects the main busses in the city at a station called Bystasjonen. AND! the tram also connects with the Norwegian main train system at Nonneseter station. So, if you have taken a flight to Bergen and will stay in Voss for example, then you need to take the tram to Nonneseter station and take the train from here.

5 minutes Frequency in Rush Hours!

At the most active times in the week, like the rush hours then the tram runs every 5 minutes from the Bergen Airport station to Bergen city center. At other times, the tram now runs 10 minutes or at 20 minutes intervals. In the weekends the tram also goes to the airport later than in the weekdays. The earliest tram starts at 5.10 in the morning from Bergen Airport everyday and 5.45 from Byparken in Bergen City Center. You can download the time schedule in PDF format below:

[easy_media_download url=”” text=”Download the Schedule in PDF format Here!” width=”350″] (Source:

Bergen Light Rail
photosource: Hordaland fylkeskommune / Tram testing at Bergen Airport station used by Bergen Light Rail

By 17th of August, everything will be done

Even though that the tram now reaches the Bergen Airport. The new terminal at Bergen Airport is still under construction. Everything is scheduled to be opened on 17th of August this year. Until then, people which takes the tram must walk 5-6 minutes to the old terminal. However, there is a roof all the way.

It is really nice to see how Bergen Light Rail is progressing. Now Line 2 of Bergen Light Rail will soon be made also. Until then, Distrita congratulates Bergen for getting this done. It’s been 9 years of development! Now, this is a 20km long tram line!