Affordable pizza places in Oslo can be hard to find. But, not anymore! With Distrita’s Oslo Guide site on-line you won’t feel that Oslo is that expensive anymore. If you only check tourist books and sites worldwide, they will promote Oslo as one of the worlds most expensive cities. But, we at Distrita knows about several affordable places that have a charming design and at the same time does have lower prices that doesn’t cut in the taste experience. Not at all. At The Happy Italian ‘Den Glade Italiener’ which sits at Grønland Torg shopping street. They have introduced affordable Italian pizzas to the area which is needed. So, we decided to make a visit to this new pizza place in Oslo. So, read about what we found!

Den Glade Italiener

photosource: Distrita – Outside of this amazing New Italian pizza restaurant in Oslo which is affordable. Especially on Mondays and Thursdays when they serve Buffet for 99,- NOK

Den Glade Italiener

photosource: Distrita – Here is a picture showing the different sorts of Italian pizzas to choose from. We ate a lot and it was really tasty!

Lunch Buffet at a price of 99 NOK (€ 10.70) every Monday and Thursday

We decided to test the place out on a Monday, since then they offered a buffet at a very low price of just 99 NOK. This made it possible for us to try out different types of pizza types in their categories of Red Pizzas and White Pizzas. Here we got many variants to try out and we enjoyed the taste of everyone of them. The thin crust is delicious with the various types of toppings were really great and especially nice regarding the price. If this new place keeps up with having Pizza buffet offering like this on certain days in a week. This will for sure give them new and even more customers with happier faces when they leave. This area of Oslo where most of the restaurants sells Indian and Turkish food, it’s good and refreshing to see a new pizza place doing the right moves so that they will be remembered in the future. Peoples communication about positive experiences to others is the best marketing strategy that you as a new opened restaurant can get. Once people starts to talk about your new place, others will come and those telling about you will return also. Clever!

Very interesting pizzas at The Happy Italian ‘Den Glade Italiener’ in Oslo. They are in all kinds of variants. Everything from vegetarian only ones to complex ones having several ingredients on them for meat and pepperoni lovers. But that’s not all. They also serve Antipasti and Salads if you prefer that kind of food also. For Dessert lovers, they serve delicious chocolate mousse, tiramisu, Italian ice cream and even Pizza Nutella. We haven’t tried that one out, but its on our list to try out for sure.

If you want to know more about this restaurant and what they offer, please visit their website here,

Comfortable location that is very easy to find for you to try out

The Happy Italian ‘Den Glade Italiener’ got fantastic dishes and desserts. They also have comfortable location. The seats are comfortable and the atmosphere inside is really nice, with service that is positive too. Here you can get an affordable pizza experience in the heart of eastern part of Oslo center. So, if you think that a pizza at Peppes (Pizza Hut alike place) is a bit too expensive, then this restaurant is for sure an alternative that will save you some money when visiting Oslo. The pizzas have a thinner crust like real Italian pizzas, but for people loving that. The Happy Italian ‘Den Glade Italiener’ is the place for you.

Check out their website here with more info about menu and prices outside of the Buffet days

Here you find The Happy Italian ‘Den Glade Italiener’ in Oslo

[osm_map_v3 map_center=”59.913,10.762″ zoom=”17″ width=”100%” height=”450″ ]
On some maps, it still says the old restaurant. This restaurant is side by side with Deli De Luca kiosk and MENY grocery store. Its just across from the Grønland Metro station. Its part of the Grønland Torg shopping street. Its very easy to find.

Here we have some more photos of the place

Den Glade ItalienerDen Glade Italiener

All of the pictures were taken during daytime, so not so busy. However, we walk by often and the place seems to get more and more popular. It seems that these owners have chosen the right Oslo area to start at. This area of Oslo is one of the areas where you see most foreigners from Asia and Africa. So, there are many kebab and indian food places in the area which sells cheap food. It is really nice to see that this restaurant gives something new to the area and is still affordable. The competition in the area is tough, but there are too few pizza places at Grønland in Oslo. So, it is for  needed. It seems for us that this area in Oslo is starting to get various of restaurants now. So, do visit our Oslo.Distrita.Com website. We will continue giving you guides and we hope that you support the newcomers in Oslo so that they survive.

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