It’s Friday! That means its almost weekend for most people. In this case, Distrita wants to share a story of a computer demoscene group called TBL (The Black Lotus) which released a fantastic production at The Gathering 1996 computer party in Hamar, Norway.

This is one of the best and interesting demoscene productions ever done. It combines demoscene effects with a musicvideo alike production. I put my old Amiga 1200 to the test last weekend, downloaded this demo and put it loud on my speakers. Amazing. Everyone should listen to this from start to end.

… And yes! This is 8-bit, 4ch Paula Amiga sound! … And yes! The pictures shown in this demo, is all drawn pixel by pixel!

Here is the demo from YouTube. You can run it on any Amiga with AGA with 68030 cpu or higher! Recommended! Now Distrita have saved your weekend!

Michal Bergseth

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