Deluxe Paint STElectronic Arts saved Amiga since the start. They were the very first big company, that put their effort into Amiga with the very first version of Deluxe Paint already released in 1985. That’s 31 Years ago! Now in 2016 this program is still used by animators and designers. But even with its popularity on the Amiga side, here in this article sersies we look at the Deluxe Paint versions that was made for Atari, Mac and MS-DOS.

Atari STE Version
In late 1989, Atari released the 520STE and 1040STE, that are enhanced version of the ST with improvements to the multimedia hardware and operating system. It features an increased color palette of 4096 colors and so Electronic Arts choose to release Deluxe Paint ST for it in 1990. Amiga had 4096 colours support since 1985, so this was for sure a nice addon.

Later in 1990, Atari released the high-end workstation-oriented Atari TT030, based on a 68030 32MHz Motorola CPU. It was a desktop version of Atari that was going to compete with Amiga 3000, Macs and PC.

Deluxe Paint III added animation
In 1988, Electronic Arts released Deluxe Paint III for Amiga with animation support. Deluxe Paint ST version also had this feature. On the Amiga side, Electronic Arts continued with Deluxe Paint development until 1995 when they released the last version. Deluxe Paint was the first art program, that was rich of paint and animation features. It kept a generation creative for 10 years and still does.


So, once in time. Electronic Arts created useful programs and not only games. We will give you these types of articles now and then as its been requested by you.

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