In Oslo, we have many fast-food chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway and Johnny Rockets.

But what we didn’t have before was a dinner place giving American Dinner vibe!

I went to BBF to get American pancakes in Oslo! I’ve been to the USA myself and knows how tasty they can be. Finally I got the chance to eat authentic American experience in Oslo.

This restaurant looks like an authentic American dinner place inside. I really love the design of the restaurant. Also, the service is one of the best ones I’ve seen. Here is my view of this place and Yes!

I can recommend it to anyone visiting Oslo. Maybe some Americans miss the authentic American kitchen when living here? This restaurant got it for you. BFF is here to stay! I hope.

BFF backstory for giving Oslo delicious American pancakes

After more than 30 US trips, the time behind the BFF opening was decided in the fall of the year 2018.

The idea was that it was the right time for Oslo to get an authentic American dining experience. BFF wants to show the breadth of American cuisine, with a focus on soul food, comfort food, and street food.

On the menu, you will find dishes such as Gumbo, Crawfish Boil, Pork Ribs, Burgers, and Blueberry Pancakes, m.m.

Get the authentic American Pancake feast at BFF

In a authentic classic American style, they also serve Oslo’s best selection of milkshakes, freak shakes, bottomless coffee & sodas, as well as a fantastic homemade iced tea that I can confirm, is one of the best ice teas that I’ve tasted in Oslo.

BFF also has a fully licensed bar with a lot of choices for the visitor to choose from.

Some of Oslo’s best bartenders have put together a cocktail menu packed with American classics and some exciting news.

The pork ribs, chicken with waffle, etc are marvelous choices if you come to BFF in the evenings. But during lunchtime, they have these delicious American pancakes. They are super super delicious and not too super expensive neither.

American Pancakes in Oslo

They have various pancakes to eat.

You can get them with bacon, butter, blueberries, or Nutella even. There are single menus or you can choose to share a lunch menu with a friend. What a feast! I couldn’t stop and when I have eaten 8 of them I was full and I felt really happy.

I must mention that Norwegian pancakes are good, French crepes are better but the American pancakes win for sure. They are smaller, yet because when you combine them with salty or sweetie taste. It is like a fantastic explosion happening of happiness when eating them.

I really recommend anyone coming to Oslo to visit them. Ohh and their milkshakes! WoW! I am not sponsored writing this article about them at all. I’m just very amazed at their quality. Including having a smile and a fantastic service. I really recommend anyone to visit BFF.

Important Info Where To Go to Find BFF Oslo

BFF Oslo opening hours

Monday – Friday
12.00 – 23.00 (12am – 11pm)
Saturday – Sunday
11.00 – 00.00 (11am – 12pm)

BFF Contact

+47 904 12 351 – BFF main site