Dance 2 Trance made me Think about the World

Dance 2 Trance made me Think about the World. Maybe it will for you also?

Do we think about the world that we live in? Did the indians have abilities that we have lost? Many musicians like Rednex, Deep Forest and Dance 2 Trance which is featured in this article tried to give us that message back in 1992 with their Moon Spirits album. They also tried to make us think of what we people do to our nature, by doing things to the nature so that the natural system in the end vanishes and we sort of destroys our ability to survive.

Power of American Natives made me investigate Dance 2 Trance Moon Spirits album

Dance 2 Trance was one of the largest trance groups that focused on this, with their Moon Spirits album where the instrumental version of their monster hit Power Of The American Natives is. Many thought that the voice eurodance alike trance version of this song, was just another eurodance track. However for the group and me who discovered their album itself, the song became so much more than that. Why is there so few trance artists with this ability today?

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Moon Spirits album made me cry, think of my actions in this world, the thunders worldwide of politics and put my pain away

From the very first song of this album to the end. You get an incredible journey thru the musicians meaning and feelings. The first song 1. Kayenta is quite calm and put you sort of in a deep sad moment until their 2. We Came In Peace song appears. It matches the previous song a bit, before it introduces some really nice beats that heals your soul. It’s an incredible feeling and puts the mood for the rest of the album even further. The small talks also fill the trance sounds perfectly and puts your mind into a fantastic relief.

Then the album turns towards 3. Freaks and this time the music is more violent and understanding towards my mind. Here they clearly wants the listener to think of the thunder strikes that the human kind does to our world and the decisions we do that affects our world that we live in. The song can be a bit annoying, but if you can get thru it you will be rewarded a lot. When 4. Sit Together plays up your heart smiles again. The pain from the previous song goes away and your mind is rewarded with good spirits and thoughts. This music, even if it is trance is very spiritual and healing for the mind. Incredible! Especially the piano parts is so relaxing and puts you into a good state. Fantastic song!

From incredible piano tones. This album now moves onto 5. Hello San Francisco which turns you again towards questions regarding humans. The cover for the singel is with a dolphin, so Dance 2 Trance clearly puts you into the sea beside San Francisco. I don’t know what thaughts you as reader get of this song. But for me, I get questions regarding humans and the sea. And that was quite powerful for me in 1992, as I was an teenager. This album managed to teach me lot’s about life and that I want to protect it and don’t destroy it. Then 6. Mr. Cannabis song takes you thru some of the topics that have made lots of headlines in the newspapers. Is cannabis great? Is it healthy? What does it do? It is a natural plant that gives people strange un-humane powers, doesn’t it? But what is the side-effects of it? … These questions were put in my mind with this song. I also started reading about it, since I was interested about this topic. So, this song made my mind learn something and it’s really sad that I had to find that out myself while none of my teachers talked about the effects of any drugs. Silly thing! But this song might even have saved me from even trying. Even if its a spiritual thing to do, your mind and body will never be able to heal itself. So! Thanks to Dance 2 Trance for this song! And, song wise it’s just beautiful beats!

This was the ultimate eurodance dance track from Dance 2 Trance! But on Moon Spirits album it just fits into the whole album. Amazing song!

7. Power of american natives song now enters the ears. If you don’t know this song, it is one of the most known eurodance – trance songs from 1992. The beats is so known and MTV played it almost everyday. At this time, MTV didn’t know about Reality-TV yet and so their name was what they also should be now. Well, the version that you find on the Moon Spirits album is without vocals at all. So, for me which heard that song with vocals before it was a bit shock when I just played it by itself. However, once I took the time to just listen to the album from start to end. This song became really great and fit the whole style of the album. This is really well done by Dance 2 Trance I think!

After the popular beats, you as a listener is taken to a mystical beach. 8. Atlantis takes you to another world. While Power of the american natives brings you in good mood, this is putting you into thinking mode and thats what made this album a fantastic album. Here you out of sudden think of lands that is no more, which is a bit scary but is true. Things happened to our world and the spirits might have gone crazy doing things they shouldn’t. Maybe the indians had connections to this unknown land that so many have written books of and made films of. Then the album reaches a very sad part that makes me cry everytime I listen to it. Back in 1992, I actually didn’t know much about what Exxon Valdez was. However, 9. Remember Exxon Valdez song made me read and opened my eyes even wider! Yes, this album from Dance 2 Trance teached myself lot’s. Incredible how a trance group could do that! Well it did, and since then I’ve got even more respect for our life on earth. I also managed to learn how much power we as humans got over the birds and animals that we share the earth with. That our actions can lead to fatal life killings with this humongous oil spill tragedy with the Exxon Valdez tank ship sinking near the coast of Alaska. Approximately 11 million gallons or 257,000 barrels or 35,000 metric tonnes (38,800 short tons) got spilled onto the Alaske coast, with a humongous fatality for the birds and wildlife there. Not just us, but also for them which have been on this planet much longer than we have. Today, many of the newspapers also writes about our killings that is even more fatal as plastic bottles makes their ways into rare whales stomaches even!:

Researchers found 30 plastic bags in its stomach sick whale had to be euthanized on Vindenes Sotra near Bergen.

– translated from

The feelings you get from this song is hurting, but it is also healing for your soul if you understand it. More people should learn from this song. It should be a thearapy song for the world!

At the end, you get served with chickens in 10. Where i Dag song. It is healing from the previous song, so I am really happy that Dance 2 Trance added it. The pain still sits in your mind from the Exxon Valdez song, but now the beat have turned a bit and your mind is left in a good condition. The song pulls the chicken sample a little, but it’s a very nice song ending the sorrow of the album. It makes you heal your own spirit and think of others and the nature that we inhabit much more.

Moon Spirits Teaches you about Humans and Life

From the start to the end. Moon Spirits gives you the creeps and emotions that you have manage to burry quite deep into your mind and release them. This is a fantastic album that is really awesome and I really recommend it to all the loves spiritual music. You can get it at many places like Discogs and iTunes, This is what music should be like! And I hope that with this article I have inspired you to get this album. Because its very unique and that it is from 1992 is just even more amazing!

Happy listening!