Scanbox Entertainment in Denmark, went to court to find out eight IP addresses that had loaded and spread the movie “The Captive” illegally. The eight IP addresses belong to Telenor (Norwegian telecom company in Denmark) customers and is an important victory for customers privacy for sure!

A great Victory for customer privacy

Scanbox won the Oslo District Court, but they didn’t agree with Borgarting Court of Appeal. Last week they received a final no in the Supreme Court after an oral hearing.

To Norwegian biggest newspaper, which is called VG (Verdens Gang), Telenor Communications Director Torild Lid Uribarri says that this is a win for customer privacy.

“This is a victory for our customers’ privacy and for us,” Uribarri told VG. She adds:

“Telenor obviously does not sympathize with illegal file sharing, but we also have a responsibility to protect our customers.

Dismissed appeal Regarding the case

An important question during the hearing was whether the breach of copyright was serious enough to identify the Telenor customers’ identity. The Court of Appeal held that the violation was not serious enough. The Supreme Court was of the same opinion and rejected the appeal to Scanbox.

The film distributor refers the sentence to “very disappointing”.

“We are very disappointed and will now consider what opportunities we have to enforce copyright against illegal distribution,” writes Torben Thorup Jørgensen in Scanbox in a statement to VG.

Scanbox has to pay costs at around €62.954, which is around 600.000 NOK.

It is really important that customer privacy is held. IP addresses isn’t safe enough to attack a person. Many can use Fake IPs or use VPNs that can trick. Also it is important for Telenor or any other company that is responsible for giving people Internet to protect their users. Internet was created to give people freedom of speech and privacy is part of it. This is huge win for a company that is worldwide known.