There are some methods that just needs the right mods to be accomplished. For creating a Cul-De-Sac type of road. You have several options when using Cities Skylines Mods. Here Pres is showing you how it is done in 2 methods. Once you have the mods, you can follow him step by step.

How to Make a Realistic Cul-De-Sac with Cities Skylines Mods

If you have the Prop Snapping mod go into it’s options and make sure ‘allow props to submerge’ is ticked. Plop the asphalt square and now you should be able to lower it down (alt + page down). This mini-tutorial is so informative for everyone to follow! The format, the fast easy and clear in formations that the describer gives as well as some nice editing makes it so good!

Pres should do more of these videos, as they’re just perfect! Deserves much more likes! Cities: Skylines gets more fun for sure when people like Pres describe mods part in an easy way. Now it is your turn to create your own ultimate Cities: Skylines city. Read our beginners guide to Cities: Skylines here.

All of the Cities Skylines Mods can be found in Steam Workshop

You need to have the desktop home computer version of the game. You cant use the mods on XBOX or Playstation 4 version of the game. On the PC and Mac version of the game that you play thru Steam, then you have full access to the Steam Workshop where you will find new mods and assets for your Cities: Skylines game. Search for relevant mods. Read the description and also comments so you won’t have issues in the game. Faulty mods can change the gameplay a lot or you can loose income in the game etc. Be sure to download mods that are good and that works fine. If you however find a mod that doesn’t work. We recommend you to comment on the user at the Steam Workshop page about it so she or he eventually can fix the bugs.

Check out the Cities: Skylines Steam Workshop here




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