I love building my cities in Cities Skylines. I’ve been a city creator fan since Sim City came out. It makes my weekend evenings go like nothing. I can just sit with it daily and it makes me really happy. Building your own city and see the life simulation go by is just a remarkable thing for me.

I love Building Public Transportation Maps with CSL Map Viewer

Creating cities is one thing. But when you have come to an end. You want to share the creation with others. I am amazed that I am not banned from one of the biggest Cities Skylines Facebook groups. Because when I post, I love to do with love. I don’t just post my grabs of the cities that I am making. But I also love to use CSL Map Viewer addon by Gansakus on Steam Workshop.

With this addon for Cities Skylines. You can export any of your cities if you run it on a Windows machine. It doesn’t support macOS yet though. When you have subscribed to it, you get it to your Cities Skylines MOD list which you need to activate in the game settings area. Don’t just load a city, because you need to activate this Mod first.

Once it is activated. Our advice is the exit the game and starts it up again. Then when you load up any city. When you hit the ESC button you get a menu where you will get an eye on CSL Map Viewer. Click it and then you can export your map. Then the external program opens where you have several options. (to be continued for a link to our complete CSL Map Viewer Guide).

CSL Map Viewer see all of the Public Transportation lines that you have built

In the CSL Map Viewer program you have several options on how the maps that you want to export should look like.

In the picture on the left here you can see that I have only activated my bus lines in the area. The area is in the southern part of the map. Near where it is saying Magnolia Park. You can see the light rail tram vending track etc.

It is amazing what you can do with CSL Map Viewer. It takes a few seconds to understand but it is very straight forward. Also, the app got many options for how the maps should be shown. Yes, you can add or take away layers. Then you can save the maps in different image formats such as jpeg and png.

The app also lets you print the maps also which is handy. I am just amazed that all of this is free. It gives the game so much extra depth.

Features in CSL Map Viewer

  • Saving PNG, JPG, BMP or SVG image file of a map is supported
  • Saving heightmap
  • Setting printing bounds
  • Printing map (not fully tested)
  • Switchable map styles New in 2.4
  • Rotating map
  • Public transport route map New in 2.0
  • Public transport route list view New in 3.0
  • Route numbering of public transports will be shown if you name the route suitably.
  • Japanese map symbols

You get lots of features for the game. The features are really massive for something that is totally free. The only thing that I miss is that it could be released for more platforms. Love the way it works. I have used it for over 1 year now and I felt to share my experiences with it.

Turn this image to a map with CSL Map Viewer! It is really easy.
Here is the same map as above with the bus lines but here my Metro lines are only shown
Download CSL Street Map Viewer for Transport Fever 2
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Gives your city a real-life feeling when exporting what you have done on social media. It is also nice for others to see how big your city is too. Must have for anyone building in Cities Skylines. Recommended!

Source: Steam Workshop (only Windows)