When building a building for lots of workers. It is important to think of public transportation and the best ways that people can reach the work place. Now as Apple have forgotten totally to add any public transportation, to their new Apple Park which sits next to Cuppertino city in USA. It shows how the planners in USA focuses too much on cars and how devestating it can be.

Humongous car parking arenas built near Apple Park

In the comments section of New York Times, citizens of Cupertino says that Apple have totally ignored the comments that citizens of the city thinks about Apple Park. The neighbors critics is also about no public transportation that is built to this humongous working place for Apple. Everyone that needs to reach Apple Park needs to go there by own car or be driven by someone else. It’s pretty weird seeing Apple, which is such a serious IT company. They should think of environment issues as one of their main priorities. Apple even have promoted to be such a green positive environmental, but in the country where they are from it seems like this issue is not important.

The makers of Apple Park have also built way more parking places outside of Apple Park, than the total size of the building itself. This frustrates the people which are the neighbors. They also have complained about lots of noise during the construction of Apple Park, about the increased traffic in the area and the fact that Apple have built fences which have destroyed the view for many of the neighbors living next to Apple Park area.

Video showing Apple Park with a Drone back in October 2017

Getting a building in Cupertino is now increased by 15 and 20 Percent

Including increased traffic in the area issue. Apple Park also have managed to increased the prices for getting a building to live in at Cupertino. Apple should really listen to this complains, but Jony Ive from Apple just write a very negative comment back. “Apple Park wasn’t built for other people . So I think that much of the critics is quite bizarre.” It seems like he is completely ignoring people living there. Now, if Jony himself got a big noisy building side by side to his home. He would react? Maybe? Apple should fix issues. Trying to meet and support the people living in the area. Apple should care!

New York Times