Cortana is the Microsoft version of Siri for iPhone by Apple. This is a virtual host that can talk with you about anything and everything. The Android version of Cortana have been available for some time now and from Build 2016 it will soon be able to send warnings from your Android mobile device directly to your Windows 10 desktop..

Interactivity with Cortana
The warnings from Cortana will also be interactive, the company says. With other words, you will be able to answer SMS, archive them and more! Microsoft says that the functionality also will come for Windows 10 Mobile units and also confirms that the platforma isn’t totally forgotten by the company yet. Which Microsoft shouldn’t abandon. The more competition, the better for everyone.

No date set!
Microsoft says however little about its timeframe as many other companies these days and when this will come however.

Distrita already got a Lumia 850 mobile phone which is ready to test this function