Copenhagen Light-Rail

photosource: – This is how the new trams will look like and the map with where the route will go in Copenhagen, Denmark from the end of 2024

The Danish capital is gearing up its transit infrastructure by now allowing light rail wagons entering it’s streets by the end of 2024. Then this line will have 29 stops and will departure every 5 minutes. The revival of the trams in Europe and the world continues. Positive News!

Copenhagen Light Rail between Ishøj and Lyngby by the end of 2024

Capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, the state and 11 municipalities have now come to an agreement to fund this project together. It will carry between 13 and 14 million passengers every year and the whole trip will take about one hour. It will become a quite long light rail line for sure AND! It will ease the car traffic a lot and become a nice touch to the Copenhagen transit infrastructure.

The deal is that the project will be done by the end of 2024. In 2011 the very first plans about this project was made,.. but now in 2018 the plans are now reality. Distrita congratulates Copenhagen for a brilliant choice.

No fiasko like the Aarhus light rail Extension issues on this mass transit plan

The leaders for this project says to that this project wont fail. They have used tons of money for the plans of this project, so it would be waste of moeny to not complete this task. Odense will have light rail by 2020 and Aarhus have a working one now.

Trine Grass, however, does not fear to stand with crown cake and empty rail rails, as happened in Aarhus in September. The problems with the approval of the light rail system in Aarhus were Metroselskabet to solve, and it is precisely the company that stands for the capital’s light rail.

“Metroselskabet has great expertise in such projects and I am completely confident that we will not be in a situation like in Aarhus,” says Trine Grass.

If everything goes according to plan, the headlamp light rail will be ready once in the last half of the year 2024. The price of the whole glory is 6.2 billion danish kroner currency. It includes an elastic budget of over one billion for unforeseen expenses

We at Distrita are really looking forward to see Copenhagen light rail done by the end of 2024. We really hope this project will work until the end and that all of the millions in Copenhagen will have a new transit system that they can be proud of.