demosceneDo you know that Computers also have a life beyond Excel and Word? Distrita is driven by people interested in lot’s and here at Distrita we want to reveal a scene that most of you don’t even knew that existed.

The Computer Demoscene have been with us since the start of computing era. The aim is to publish things on computers, which shouldn’t be possible or just show creative skills in form of coding, graphics, music and creativity. You can find demoscene creations for PC, Amiga and consoles be produced every year. These productions is linked with demoscene parties, which is mostly held in Europe.

The biggest demoscene parties can be found in Germany, Sweden and Norway. They are also part of LAN (Gaming parties) often, like The Gathering in NorwayAssembly in Finland and Datastorm in Sweden

You can always find updates on about releases, parties and much much more!

Bring your computer, and have fun! And as a note.. Distrita will inform you about demoscene now and then!