A woman in Reykjavik called the police last week, because of her son’s computer usage.

The police were called out to a house in the Reykjavik area, because of an argument over computer use. A mother and her son were arguing bitterly over his computer habits.

The mother was convinced that too much time on the computer was harming her son’s schooling. He, meanwhile, disagreed. The police made an effort at mediation before leaving the scene. Police left the house before a deal could be reached between the warring pair; and it is not known if the argument was actually resolved.

The bizarre police call-out was not looked upon favourably by busy officers; but it is by no means the first of its kind, they say. Many parents don’t understand their childs computer usage and skills which it gives them. Distrita urges young people to learn and teach at school, but if computer becomes the childs interest. Its good for her or him. Its about giving the child trust. She or he will learn more about what she or he is using than parents thinks. Mostly because they think that the child is only playing or not progressing in life. Many parents doesn’t look at their sons computing usage as something that can give their son some knowledge and this tends to give more fights than needed.