This is a reaction to Paradox answer to all of the Cities Skylines Community on a Steam discussion thread that made me post this. You’re about to destroy one of the finest communities by releasing this Launcher. Also, the very first message you get when you want to start toContinue Reading

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Do not Buy the Digital Edition of Playstation 5

Here are my reasons why you should never buy the Digital Edition of Playstation 5. People of all ages should Read more

Microsoft XBOX marketing boss congratulates Sony

It is not often that the competitor comments on its rival event. But the Microsoft XBOX marketing boss Aaron Greenberg Read more

Playstation 5 Design follows Playstation horizontal Sony Launches

Do you remember the launch of the Playstation 2? The very first version of the console was the tower version. Read more

Nintendo doesn’t Understand the Gamers Again We have been writing about Japan and its gaming industry before. Modified versions of Super Mario 64 games are Read more

Appleism is Killing the Future of computing

What is the future of computing? Remember the time before iPOD and MacOSX? Apple was begging for not going under totally. Something happened to Apple when Steve Jobs came back. He brought fantatism back to Apple. He managed to make people love all of Apple’s iPOD and PowerPC products. ButContinue Reading

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3 Reasons why Apple is the Worst Environment Friendly Company In The World

Apple writes "Truly innovative products leave their mark on the world instead of the planet." which you can find on Read more

Microsoft got no Love for their Windows Phone community

Mobile phone technology has been progressing so fast that even 5 years make a huge difference. Just a few years Read more

Ethernet adapter brings Gigabit speed networking to MacBook Pro

In a recent review on-line. This Thunderbold 3 ethernet adapter, is giving users of MacBook Pro 10 Gigiabit Ethernet adapter Great Read more

Apple is Switching to USB-C standard

[caption id="attachment_29422" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] USB-C standard is coming to iPad[/caption] Sometimes you need to check what you have been reading Read more

Amiga love on Tenerife

With our coverage of the Tenerife in Spain, we move over to Alcalá, where Amiten TV hosts its Amiga shows on YouTube Live for the Spanish Amiga users.  Here I bring you my experience with meeting Johnny and how it is to be a Amiga fighter on Tenerife. An island nearContinue Reading

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Litou’s Art trip in Japan is a Journey of Beautiful Creations

Chinese artist Litou had a short trip to Japan recently. For Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition: My Eternal Soul. [foogallery Read more

OpenStreetMap Viewer with AmigaOS is Possible by using MUIMapparium 0.7

This app for AmigaOS beats all Google Maps and Open Street Map services on the other operating systems a lot Read more

The Agony for Commodore Amiga is my Favorite all time game ever

One of the first images that surprised me about the Agony is this: It shows you that if you have Read more

All Amiga Home Computers by Commodore Produces 14-bit Sound

When Commodore launched Amiga back in 1985. They would never think of that Amiga could actually output 14-bit playback sound. Read more

android status

In the online magazine Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, they have made a new study where they conclude that iPhone owners is indeed much more status focused than Android users. Here we try to explain that and digg deeper than other sites have ever done. Read on..! Predicting the BehaviourContinue Reading

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Microsoft got no Love for their Windows Phone community

Mobile phone technology has been progressing so fast that even 5 years make a huge difference. Just a few years Read more

Microsoft Edge Windows 10 web browser for iOS gets Siri Support

Before people had issues with Microsoft Explorer. Governments and users then started to remove it and in the end Microsoft Read more

More Windows 10 apps is now removable for Users

I was a bit scared when this news dumped into our mailbox. Mainly because I thought Microsoft can now remove Read more

Microsoft will try to compete with Edge on Android and iOS

Google Chrome is world's most used web browser now. Firefox is the second most and behind many like Opera and Read more

On 30th of July, I went for a trip to Germany to visit Michael (the author behind Amiga Racer) at a BBQ Party in his own garden. Little I knew that the party was filled with many new Amigans I never met before or ones that I already knew fromContinue Reading

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AmigaOne X5000 can be purchased in these Webshops

A new PowerPC based Amiga is now getting launched as AmigaOne X5000. The price is tough, but for every hardcore Read more

New PowerPC Amiga named AmigaOne X5000 on the Move to You! Register NOW!

A-EON, the makers of AmigaOne X1000 and AmiStore for AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition is now moving towards releasing the very Read more

MorphOS port for the AmigaOne X5000 demonstrated

While most of today computers have either gone Intel or ARM. The Amiga (A-EON) still holds its own platform as Read more

NXP will merge with Freescale in a Transaction

It looks like there is an merge going on between NXP Semiconductors and Freescale Semiconductors. Freescale is known for have Read more

With agreement from Helge Kvalheim, Distrita gives you his view on Hyperion. A company that makes AmigaOS 4.x. He call his blogtitle Death Of Hyperion Entertainment, but at the same time gives some of his views about Amigas future. It is with great sadness i’m telling the Amiga community thatContinue Reading

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Installing AROS on Windows, MacOSX, Solaris or Linux?

If you want to try out how AmigaOS feels like? Got hard time of choosing if you want to go Read more

Paint.Net can save lots of struggle – Review

You can actually save lots of time and money by choosing Paint.NET software instead of Adobe Photoshop which costs something Read more

Microsoft forces Skype on its users

For us that lived thru the computing history, remembers the battle that Microsoft gave the Internet community by trying to Read more

Microsoft must Stop tracking Windows 10 users

Since Windows 10 launch, Microsoft seems to have become obsessed with tracking its users or even forcing Windows 7 and Read more

I love GTA 5! I played it a lot on my Playstation 3 console, but once it was ported to Playstation 4 and it got first person mode. I decided to quit playing the game. But players of the game didn’t and especially the hardcore fans. So, now they areContinue Reading

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Two Micro Pacman Games Tested by Chris and Natsuki

As a huge fan of Abroad In Japan creator Chris Abroad. I am watching almost all of his YouTube productions Read more

Recently voted Copyright Law in the EU Parliament threatens YouTube

Something is going on in EU. A new copyright law could change the Internet as we know it forever. YouTube Read more

YouTube Subscribe Increase the possibility of ‘Subscribing’ on embedded sites

On our most popular Eurodance site. We do embed clips from YouTube and we really embrace this service that Google Read more

YouTube will be removed from Fire TV

Fire TV customers that is related to Amazon, will get their YouTube support removed on 1st of January 2018 if Read more