Cologne (or  Köln in German) is the oldest city in Germany, located in the basin of the river Rhine at the crossroads of ancient trade routes.

Cologne is a very cosmopolitan city in Germany, has many historical and cultural attractions. The atmosphere and entertainment attract many tourists from all over the world, and its most famous celebration of Cologne Carnival

Cologne Cathedral has Gothic style, and is located in the city center of Cologne. It has 157 meters high and was once the tallest building in the world

Cologne is one of Germany’s major cities where you can also find lots of history and tradition as well as important buildings and places of interest to visitors.

This is one of the most popular parks in Cologne, it is located on the right bank of the Rhine River. It also has many attractions and activities to do, being considered one of the most prominent parks throughout Germany


Museo Himhoff Estollwerck

Museo Ludwig







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