Coca-Cola Life Experience

This summer must have been one of the hottest summers ever in Norway and Poland. During that time, I got the chance to taste Coca-Cola Lime in Poland when I had to visit the country because of my grandma passed away earlier this year. It was a small vacation, but also for going to the grave and put some flowers on it. Here is my experience with it.

Coca-Cola Lime is Great Experience on Hot Days

Before trying Coca-Cola Lime. I have tried Pepsi Twist before, Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke to name a few. Until my Coca-Cola Lime tryout, I have always missed Pepsi Twist. This product was sold for some time here in Norway, but Pepsi pulled it out for some strange reason??? Coca-Cola Lime however,… is a Refreshing Coca-Cola taste with lots of focus on the Lime taste itself. I never liked Coca-Cola Light, Zero or even Pepsi Max. They all taste artificial for me. So, to taste a sugar Coke soda with Lime. Now, that’s awesome! Especially for hot days.

Coca-Cola Lime is simply amazing in its taste for Hot days. Much better than the regular coke. Also it tastes good when it is colder too. It got this Lime refreshner to the taste that makes the taste no so sweet, yet it got that awesome Coke taste still.

Nice Coca-Cola Lime design with a Green Touch

The taste is brilliant. But that’s not all. I also like the design of the bottle. I was one of few that loved Coca-Cola Life when it was sold in Norway. I liked the green design of it, but if Coca-Cola in Norway did the same thing to Life here in Norway. Then it would attract more people to buy it maybe? The design style with touch of green is great. Because we all know how regular Coca-Cola design is. So, stick with it and add whats added in other colors too.

I really wish that Coca-Cola Lime gets released in Norway. Because its delicious! If you want a coke soda that tastes more fresh. Then this is it!


Source: Michal Bergseth