From time to time, we like to try new types of soda drinks that come to Norway from exotic places around the globe. This time it is the exiting Club-Mate Cola soda drink from former eastern parts of Germany. At first, this is a really nice looking drink, that you really want to try because of its screams at you from the shelf. Very cool design on the bottle that shows a bit different design than usual. The pink color makes you wonder and the logo with a figure with a hat is a nice touch too. The Club-Mate Cola letters are nice but at the same time unique enough.

So what sort of taste did I get when trying it out? You can check out the video below and my verdict even further down. I just love exotic Cola alike drinks. Its my absolute weakness.

The Taste of Club-Mate Cola

Club-Mate Cola bottle
Club-Mate Cola bottle design

After opening the bottle, the taste is very interesting at the start but the flavor at the end is even a bigger mystery for me. I have been trying many types of Cola drinks in my life and this one talks with my mind a lot. I have tasted Tøyen Cola which is a local Coke drink in Oslo. But this taste is unique in so many ways that my mind asks if this is Coke or Coffee or something else? Maybe I need to try it more!?

At the same time when I was doing this test I also went around on the net for more information about this product. I have never ever seen it before so it brought my attention. The really interesting fact is that this one got 12.0 mg of Coffee while a regular Coke got 10.0 mg. That is something that I learned from the German site named while searching info for this drink. At their website they promote the drink as a healthier way of drinking Coke type of drink as the ingredients are healty. Natural caffeine, cola nut, tea and coffee blended together.

Have you tried this healthy Cola drink which is full of natural antioxidants? If you have. Now you know a bit more about this drink which I find to be very interesting. It all sounds more like a drink which will heal you and that it deserves your attention because of that.

Club-Mate Cola is for sure a mysterious Coke drink. Its more unique than you think it is.

What may have seemed impossible before has now become reality:

The successful, more than 85 years old recipe of Club-Mate combined with the taste of cola offers a totally new and extraordinary taste adventure.

Only with natural caffeine from mate, the kola nut, tea, and coffee. No added artificial caffeine.

This taste is a natural secret.
It stimulates, refreshes and vitalizes.

Abounding with polyphenols and catechins = natural antioxidants A very special kind of cola with THAT CERTAIN SOMETHING!

Enjoy this smooth and classy drink!

Now available in stores and in our online shop.

As a standalone drink, Club-Mate Cola is really great. However, with an 85-year-old recipe, I should be very happy about the taste and I really enjoy it just drinking it, but if Club-Mate Cola is used together with food, then the taste is too powerful for me. It is really good to be drunk alone but together with food, my taste sensors on my tongue refuse to accept that the taste is good. It is a Coke drink that deserves attention to itself. It is a remarkable Coke product, but it annoys me that I don’t get its taste when eating food. I tried both Pizza, Chinese and Indian food with it without any luck.

So, here is the dilemma for me, as I both love Club-Mate Cola and sort of I don’t like it when eating together with food. I can’t really put a reason for why and that’s something that will haunt me until the end. I really want to love this product after seeing the beautiful bottle design which is extravaganza to me. But the taste won’t make me as happy as I should be. If I compare it together with Tøyen Cola, which is a local made Coke in Oslo it’s taste is not compatible enough. Its simply not so tasty but if we talk about the design itself then its a class A for sure. I just wish that the design would represent the taste.

What sort of taste do you think Coke alike drinks should have? What sort of Coke drink do you like that is not made by Coca-Cola?