beautyadvertIn the world we have eyes which is brown, green or blue. We see other and we all put our effort in thinking that the other one is in right or wrong clothes. From now on Distrita starts to write about different fashions and styles.

What is the right Fashion for you?
That is a really tricky question. Because all countries have their own. Some are more loose, while others are more strict. We like to say that the clothes that we use in Norway is so “free”. But most of us does not realize that we go with jeans, sweaters, bikinis or even shorts made by huge companies wanting power everywhere. The fashion here is very much done by the big companies like H&M (Hennes and Mauritz) and Cubus just to name two. And because of this, even we want to think our clothes choice is free, I find our fashion to be very strict. It’s not loose at all. Yes, we do have cold weather 10 months a year, but western have been to strict on shirt, bra or jeans choices I think. Its like we all just buy what we see is on commercials.

How do I look when walking?
Here in Scandinavia or in USA, there is almost no discussions about how the other is looking and what she or he put on themselves. Yes, there are some huge eyes if someone have made their hair a bit strange or got lots of tattoos. But as I’ve noticed, this is not a big issue here. I have walked with people wearing black clothes or people even dressing like anime characters. People seems to take it quite good. But when travel to Poland the fashion is changing quite different. Most of men have all of their heads shaved and girls walking with 1980’s style hair colors. The colors of peoples clothes in 2014 is very 1980’s, but that is nice also. That is their fashion, but that leads to when I at least see Polish people in Norway, it’s easy to see who they are in a crowd of people.

Not only Polish and Norwegians have different fashion. Same goes for South Korean and Japanese people. They have a fashion which I don’t understand, but which I find very interesting. For women. They like walking in short clothes that are related to their school uniforms. This is interesting, because it is a trend spreading across Asia. In Indonesia and Malaysia this fashion is starting to bloom, even though their own style should be kept. Indonesian outlet stores have lots of variations in choices and this should be kept. Both men and women in Indonesia and Malaysia have quite nice styles. But when it comes to men in Japan and South Korea, almost everyone walks in boring suits except for those that likes to wear anime style clothes. This is my impression and I feel sorry for Japan especially, because men in Japan should wake up. You have a job to do regarding keeping your girls and wife┬┤s happy.

Distrita will show you Fashion from now on!
We are here to give you a full independent magazine, that also will include fashion. This is related to that we have writers that wants to write about this. If we can make a difference on how people look at each other in a better way. Distrita have made a lot for you and me. We include all sorts of people and countries. We tell you about it and if you have any Fashion articles that you want to share? Send it to us: [email protected]