Bergen, Norway: As Distrita is part of FXmedia. We inform whats happening on Bien Bar in Bergen also here.  FXmedia is a happy helper of Bergen Kammermusikk Forening webpage. I came to Bergen to cover Svisken at Bien Bar 5th of November, for them.

I am not so classical person. I love 80’s and 90’s music. But to experience a band like Svisken and be able to record everything on photo and video. Is a experience for life. Even if I don’t listen to classical music daily, I found the moment at Bien very magic. Bien Bar is a pub which is just beside Danmarks Plass in Bergen. They were founded in 1939. Before that, it was a pharmacy. So the best thing about the bar, is that they have kept the furniture as it is. It is really special to be there, but something every visitor to Bergen should visit.

Here is some pictures that I’ve taken at Bien Bar, 5th of November:

MoreInfoButtonXxAs you can see. Many came to visit this Tuesday. The pub was totally full. It was really a magic atmosphere. I loved it, and I would recommend anyone which likes classical music to come. Follow the news on Bergen Kammermusikk Forening website and here.