With this new release from Finland, Paradox Entertainment and Colossal Order brings Cities Skylines one step ahead by adding weather system and a tram system! With Cities Skylines Snowfall you can take the tram downtown. It is still unclear what is going to be free or not, but this announcement seems to inform that the weather system will be for free, while the Snowfall upgrade pack will cost? Anyway. This is a very nice gift to the users and especially the Cities Skylines fanbase which have asked sooo much to add trams to the game.

Read much more about Cities Skylines Snowfall here!Watch the fresh Trailer here

This expansion will allow mayor-players to expand and grow their cities using new transportation options while challenging them to meet citizens’ needs using several new in-game tools. All of these new inclusions will revolve around the expansion’s central feature: an in-game weather system. This includes cosmetic new tram system, rain and fog for existing maps