I don’t know who invented the idea of having a new launcher on top of another launcher? I wrote an article about them becoming another EA which I still support as long this launcher is there. I have been playing Cities Skylines since the start! So this Launcher was a shock to me. When Paradox does this to their loyal community, not for the good. Its for them to have more control.

Cities Skylines was open since the beginning

Before Cities Skylines, they released Cities In Motion and Cities In Motion 2. Then they abandoned these two fantastic games. Later they launched Cities Skylines but without tramways. So people asked a lot about them and in the end, a Transit DLC was released with trams. But the beauty of Cities Skylines wasn’t just that the community was heard. It was that the developers opened the game for people wanting to mod it.

Because of this open policy by the developers of Cities Skylines. I fell in love with how they run their business. I even stretched my arms to the Transport Fever developers. Talking about how proud I am and so Urban Games started to follow that up too.

This is what I have done for Cities Skylines

  • Paid for Cities Skylines
  • Paid for DLC’s for Cities Skylines
  • Written great Introduction articles to Cities Skylines
  • Supported Cities Skylines Mod makers

And now back on the 24th of January. Paradox launched the new launcher without saying anything. It was like a silent bomb from the company. A thing that only EA or bigger gaming companies would do. Paradox is also a gaming company that can do whatever they want with the game which is fair enough. But when their success is linked to the community. I feel it is really bad doing this to thousands of players. There are of course players that don’t mind to get yet another launcher to click on. But for many, this new Launcher broke the game totally!

Maybe Paradox wants to add game functionalities through it to the game. But to force people to install it, break their saved cities or even worse let people not start the game because of a rushed launcher release. Now that is is really against what you have stood for in the past. Why force people when your launcher isn’t working as it should.

New Launcher got issues that can be Fixed

the game won’t boot up for me at all, i updated to the latest steam and now when I hit play, the play button changes for a bit, and then changes back to read “Play” the game doesn’t start. I’ve tried everything, different launch option commands, uninstalling, reinstalling, both steam and cities skylines.

If you have issues with your Cities Skylines game with the new launcher on Windows 10. I can help if you are on Facebook. On macOS or Linux I haven’t tested it out yet, but I have tried to gather information around. I have been looking around for it everywhere until I found the solution by myself. I shared it with others on the group but it was in a rather bigger discussion thread so I decided to make a much better guide for everyone to read.

Windows 10

Check the drawer with Cities Skylines in it. Check if you have a Launcher or cities.bat file. Remove them. Then you need to restart Windows 10 before running the game in Steam. It is not the fastest launcher so you need to wait a bit before it loads. Paradox just added one more step to get into the game. I don’t get this decision. It is awfull and against people’s wishes for sure.

If that doesn’t help try this

– exit the Steam app entirely
– uninstall Paradox Launcher v2 from the Windows “Apps and features” utility, if still present.

Delete the following folders if still present:

– C:/users/<UserName>/AppData/Local/Programs/Paradox Interactive/
– C:/users/<UserName>/AppData/Local/Paradox Interactive/
– C:/users/<UserName>/AppData/Roaming/Paradox Interactive/launcher-v2/
To see the AppData folder you’ll need to enable View Hidden Items in File Explorer.

– run steam.exe as the Windows Admin user
– run CSL from the PLAY button in Steam

If the above doesn’t work, go to C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Programs\Paradox Interactive, right-click on bootstrapper-v2.exe and select Properties. In the window that opens go to the Compatibility tab and check “Run this program as an administrator”, then click OK. Now launch Steam as administrator as well and launch Cities: Skylines like normal.


For mac try deleting the Paradox Interactive folder found in
~/Library/Application Support/ To see it go to the Finder, hit command-shift-G (ie Go To) and paste in
~/Library/Application Support/

Let us hope that you get it to run again. If not, you should push Paradox through the discussions on Steam or on Paradox forums. Because this silent upgrade to having an extra launcher is not needed. It is more frustrating than good. Paradox should have at least tested it way more before launching it. Making lots of disturbance into the order. Why not make the launcher features into the Cities Skylines game menu itself? Wouldn’t that be enough?

The only thing it is nice for its Resume function. But this function should be available from the internal menus of the game. Why can’t you irritate people less or just release a launcher that works without issues? You can’t just rush out things for a building game like Cities Skylines. Don’t shock the community like this. Please revert on this. Give some love back to the community. Because this launcher isn’t loved. It is pushing people to do something that many doesn’t want to have.