What will happen when the first man will step on Mars soil for the first time? We don’t know but we love to dream how to survive on this planet would feel like. In a few years, humans will be going to Mars and then we will discover most of its secrets we think.

Until our first visit to Mars will happen. We have our own imagination of how it is to be there. There are all kinds of ideas on how we will be able to survive there and this is where this brilliant and unique YouTuber comes in.

Citywokcitywall content creator has done this remarkable video content where he invites everyone to Mars by using lots of great mods for Cities Skylines. He has been using lots of hours creating his vision of how humans could settle there in a sci-fi type of setting.

Remarkable Cities Skylines video content Intro

The intro of this sci-fi Cities Skylines Mars series is really good. Someone should hire this YouTuber at Paradox. His imagination and video content creation is really something. Also the fact that he got a story for it, keeps me hooked.

Everyday… wars, disease, famine, pollution. You see an ad on the subway, “MOVE TO MARS”. The commercials tell you a better life awaits, leave your worries behind! You’re on a spaceship, waking up from cryosleep. As you and hundreds of others exit a tunnel into the colony, your heart sinks. Sewage leaks from pipes overhead, trash piles up in corners, thousands cram through dirty open-air markets, others sleep in the streets. You look up towards the glass dome ceiling. 200 feet above your head a blooming jacaranda sheds its flowers into a gurgling garden fountain. “How do we get up there?” you ask. Someone answers, “You can’t”.

Until now he has released 4 episodes of this brilliant series covering a sci-fi setting on Mars using Cities Skylines.

Paradox must be quite irritated because of their Surviving Mars game isn’t bought as much as they want it to sell, but the fact is that Cities Skylines with great mods transforms the game’s capabilities to the hands of the player.

Mods for Cities Skylines changes the Game for the better

With no limitations of any kind and the possibility to move objects up and down are what the vanilla game of Cities Skylines lacks. This is also a reason for not getting Cities Skylines for the consoles as they have much fewer possibilities than the PC, Mac, and Linux versions of the game.

It seems that the game developers at Paradox aren’t on par with the community. However, it is important to add that not all of the mods are always compatible with each other but when you have played the game for some time. You get used to the game, and you have tested enough mods which saves you for much frustration if you chose to do such a huge project as Citywokcitywall content creator has chosen to make.

Citywokcitywall certainly now knows which of the mods that works and which ones that don’t. He really shows how mods can change the entire game. I have added all of the 4 Episodes that he have made until now in this article. So follow them from start to end. Subscribe to him.

Citywokcitywall have changed my view on Cities Skylines a lot. He have opened possibilities that I didn’t knew about. What a spirt that inspires others. We need more of them. Subscribe to his channel. The videos he made are just amazing and should inspire everyone that wants to create something really awesome in Cities Skylines.

The community of the game shows how the game should have been. To create a Mars themed sci-fi setting in Cities Skylines is just awesome. He has really taken this game to new areas. I love it and I hope that he can inspire thousands of more Cities Skylines gamers out there.