Cities Skylines Guide

Automatic BulldozerExtensionMakes it easier to clean up abandoned and burned houses. Especially when the city gets bigger!Yes. Gives two extra choices when removing items.NoneOn Steam
Traffic++ExtensionGives you more bus only roads and the control over speed for different types of roads. Also gives route editing.Yes. Adds new roads to the roads menu and new icons for speed limits.NoneOn Steam
Terraform ToolExtensionChange the terrain of the game. Costs money.Yes. Adds a new icon on the right side of the menuSome issues on low resolutions. Might not always work on OSXOn Steam
Extended Public Transport UIExtensionGives full control of public transport lines. This includes bus, trains and subwaysYes. Adds new functionality to the Transport boxesSome issues on low resolutions. Might not always work on OSXOn Steam
IPT - Improved Public TransportExtensionUse user content made vehicles in the game. Control what vehicles bus and train lines should useYes. Adds new menus to the game. Works very nicely with Extended Public Transport UI extensionSome issuse on low resolutions. Window boxes can sometime show up outside of your screen areaOn Steam
Precision EngineeringBuildingGives better precision when building roadsNo. Just for building roads itself.NoneOn Steam
Toggle Traffic LightsBuildingYou can now toggle traffic lights for intersections No. Just for buildingNoneOn Steam
Tree BrushBuildingPut way more trees on your map. With this you can brush trees faster than just put one and oneNo. Just for buildingThe game got a limit of how many trees can be put onto a game.On Steam
CrossingsBuildingBuild single crossings for pedestrians on all sorts of roadsYes. A pedestrian icon is added to the Road menuNoneOn Steam
First-person cameraExtraWalk around in your city as if you were there-When walking on some bridges, you fall thru themOn Steam

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Cities Skylines is created by Paradox Interactive. This game is about creating the most wonderful city youve ever created. Here your imagination is the only limit. After the game was released, people started to extend the possibilities for the game and its here where Distrita wants to help you. There are so many places around that writes about mods, but they just post it as news. Here at Distrita we want to show dedication and support to this indie game that have become a hit seller on Steam.