It is Dubai that got some of the tallest and pristine skyscrapers ever built in this world. But very soon, the Ciel Tower in Dubai will open and then it will become the world’s tallest hotel. Already another skyscraper in Dubai named Gevora Hotel got the lead but this one will have a height of remarkable 360.4 meters. That is higher than Denmark’s highest point even which is 147 m (482 ft) (Himmelbjerget).

Now CNN writes that Dubai will get the world’s highest hotel again. They also have that record today. It will have 82 floors and the height will be 360.4 meters. I just can’t write those numbers just once. It is just amazing! It is this kind of news that Distrita lives for sharing.

Distrita is a site with slogan asking “Where to Go?” and Dubai is for sure one of the districts and things that evolve around us that is important for us to write about. To see skyscrapers getting higher and higher. Now that’s when we really love it.

According to First Group, the Ciel Tower will have

  • 777 hotel suites
  • 240 luxury apartments
  • Several restaurants
  • Observation decks
  • An infinity pool at the top

The construction has been underway since 2016, and the new high-rise hotel is scheduled to be completed within the next 2-3 years. So it seems like this hotel will be useable for the public by 2023.

In Dubai, the “world’s tallest hotel” of today is still staying in the book of Guinness Records at the moment. Gevora Hotel, measures 356.33 meters today, so Ciel Tower will beat it by 4.07 meters!

So both of these very high skyscrapers are located in Dubai where it costs around $100 per night per person in a double room.

Dubai is a beautiful country where money creates amazing skyscrapers that are not only looking good but its design is well made. In many countries, they just build generic skyscrapers that ain’t so nice to look at. But in this place, there are designers that knows esthetics and that is seen and counted for. Dubai really shows what wealth can create for all people that are living there. The atmosphere in the country is very good looking.

So if you are interested in seeing awesome skyscrapers and travel. Go to Dubai.

Source: First Group – Photos: First Group