The inns are the typical holidays that are celebrated 9 days before Christmas, from December 16 to 24. In Mexico, an inn is a celebration that includes hot punch, candy baskets, candles, sparklers and seven-spruce piñatas.

What is the piñata like this holiday season?

As in many Mexican parties, we have the tradition of breaking a piñata. The traditional pinata of the inns is a spherical figure of mud or cardboard,The house is decorated with lanterns (and sometimes with tablecloths) of confetti

For the procession, the guests must form a line and sing the paragraphs of the litany, in front of them must go the Pilgrim Saints

Subsequently, the attendees are divided into two groups: the first will ask for an inn outside the house and the second will be placed inside it to respond to the songs and give an inn

At the end of the religious act (which also includes a Rosary), the collation will be distributed in paper baskets, in addition to the sparklers and whistles

The most anticipated moment of the inn arrives: the rupture of the piñata

Once the piñata is broken, a portion of fruit is distributed to each guest. Finally the party will be finished by tasting a glass with punch or atole to counteract the cold; these will be the ideal complement of tamales and homemade donuts