If you need to have the world at your fingertips. Then Distrita recommends you to stick with a Android phone instead of a iOS phone from Apple. So, do not buy iPhone 8 at all. Apple stopped the freedom of software usage when they launched iPhone on 29th of June 2007! They violate the privacy as much as Microsoft or even Google does. But why do we recommend Android instead then?

Android is so much more than Google

Google does have the power of its stores for the phone. They also have controls of the distro’s, but its much easier to open a Android phone than a iOS device. But also without jailbreaking Android, you can download and install Android apps from not just Googles own app store. Remember the GAB (social network site) news, when they got thrown out from Play Store last week? People could still download their GAB app from their Dropbox link that they gave out on Twitter.

Also when you own a Android only compatible phone like a BlackBerry OS 10 or Sailfish OS device. Then you have different app store options like the one at Amazon and others. You can get Play Store to work on these phones. But its sometimes not worth the struggle. You can follow instructions online which is pretty easy to follow. But by have tried these options out. You know that Google’s own play store isn’t the only one. Also the fact that Android is a Linux distro makes the operating system in theory much more free. But Google wants to track and follow you as much as they can. However, these services can be turned off. On iPhone’s like the new iPhone 8 that is coming out on 12th of September 2017 you simply don’t have the same freedom as Android users.

Google wants to Track You, but Apple Want all of Your Mind

I had some issues with what I should add for this topic as Google ain’t better than Apple at all. But they let you switch off tracking. They let you actually use other app stores and be able to install software from random places on the net. This isn’t possible on iOS.

Also when having Android, your not tied to use the user interface that comes with the phone. You are freely to install the user interface that you want on any Android phone. Google does have much power yes, but Apple is like a dictator in comparison. Google is sort of like Singapore, which tries to tell that they are democratic. But in reality its a very strict democratic regime. Apple is more like Belarus which is a 100% dictatorship.

May the force be with the Freedom of privacy and Internet usage after iPhone 8 launch!

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