chocolatedrinksPeople loves chocolate. Yes we do. We like it milky, dark or white (which isn´t chocolate!). We also love chocolate drinks, especially here in Scandinavia. Cocio, is the largest producers in Scandinavia and they make tasty chocolate drinks, but also Tine and Q-Meieriene here in Norway make nice chocolate drinks. They sell Q Sjokolademelk, Sjokomelk, Litago chocolate drinks and Milkshakes. Then we have Alpro which is a bit unknown because its usually put together with none cow milk drinks.

For me, I must say that Litago is my favourite chocolate drink. It is cold and it is yummy in all sorts of ways. It must be one of world´s most delicious chocolate drinks ever made. Maybe not so nice packed, but the taste is something you will remember if you love chocolate. On my second place, it must be Sjokomelk from Tine that is my second most loved chocolate drink in Scandinavia. The taste is slightly different from Litago, but it is yet quite different. This one can also be heated up and still tastes delicious.

QsjokolademelkOn my third place, Q Sjokolademelk is quite strong, but also Alpro Soya Chocolate drink is tasty. If you are allergic towards normal milk, then you should try it but if you also just want to drink soya chocolate drink, it is also tasty.

On the last place, I must place Cocio even if they promote with a beautiful lady. It does not help much. If Cocio is the only choice, I can drink it. But its something not so attractive with it for me. Maybe others likes it. The good thing about Cocio is that it is sold many places, which is the same case with Alpro Soya Chocolate product.

The thing with Cocio as I see it is that they sell their chocolate drinks in glass bottles mostly and you´re told to shake it. I find it a bit disturbing to see that the chocolate flakes at the bottom does not mix always and when you shake the glass bottle enough, the taste of Cocio becomes a bit not what I expect. For me when a product says it is a chocolate drink, it is not a chocolate drink with chocolate flakes in it? I always shake Litago from Tine, Sjokomelk from Tine and Q Sjokolademelk from Q Meieriene and I never feel the same. In some rare occasions the Cocio chocolate milk is shaken properly and the taste is quite nice, but it happens not so often.

So, if you come to Scandinavia and especially to Norway where I am located, Q Meieriene and Tine do a incredibly good job. I have been traveling around the globe, and I must conclude that the Norwegian milk might be the case here. Norway is a country with only mountains and the cows going around here drink and eats quite healthy gras which results in very tasty milk.

This article have been written with Michal´s chocolate taste impressions. I have been to U.S, many European and Asia´n countries. To conclude that the Norwegian chocolate milk products is the best out there is for me a bit radical and I feel a bit that I am giving the impression that Cocio and other chocolate milks which isn´t Norwegian is bad. Thats not the case. Alpro Soya Chocolate drink is tasty! It got this deep chocolate taste which makes you happy. But others which I have tasted is Mars chocolate drinks and the chocolate drinks which is served at different fast food restaurants like McDonalds or Burger King. I still feel that Tine and Q Meieriene is the winners here and hopes that Cocio improve because their chocolate drink isn´t bad, its just bad experiences that puts it on a last place which it does not deserve.