I do not know what will be the cheescake or cheesecake at home that makes us crazy. Especially the baked cheesecake or New York cheescake. That’s why I did not stop until I found the perfect cheesecake, and my attempts made me The result is a cream cheese cake, soft and very simple to make. Do you dare to try it

the easy kitchen of lara


8 servings

Oatmeal Cookies

melted butter

1 squirt milk

800 gr.cheese cream

240 gr. sugar

2 Greek or creamy yogurts

5 eggs

2 tablespoons vanilla

1 tablespoon lemon juice

4 teaspoons cornstarch


80 minutes

Our first step is to preheat the oven to 160ºC and in the lower level of the oven put a tray or lasañera filled with water.This will create steam and moisture when cooking our cake.Ojo is not to put the mold inside, just to create steam because this is a it’s not done in a bain-marie

Now we are going to make the biscuit base, for this we chop the biscuit, like 3/4 of a packet and mix it with the melted butter, and, optionally, with a splash of milk. When we have a more dense and lumpy crumb we will pour it in mold to which we have lined the base with baking paper.With the help of a glass or a spoon spread and squeeze the cookie crumb until we have a very compact base. Cover the edges well so that the cheesecake dough does not drain

Once the base is lightly oil the edges of the mold and put in the oven at a level higher than the water tray that we had placed. Stir the cookie dough 5 minutes to dry the base.

Now we are going with the mixture of cheescake. In a kitchen bowl, or failing with a hand blender or blender, beat the cheese together with the vanilla, sugar and lemon. We must beat at minimum speed and in batches or pulses. Do not bubble or between too much air in the dough because this will cause it to sink in the oven

Once a cream has been formed with the cheese add the eggs that we have beaten lightly with a fork before adding them to the cheese, rather than beat them I would say break the yolks so that they do not add them as whole.

Mix at minimum speed until the egg is integrated and add 4 teaspoons of cornstarch and mix until everything is well integrated. I did not get too much air I beat it with the mixing blade of my robot and when I saw that too much air came in I kept mixing it with the pastry tongue.

Pour the mixture into the mold with the biscuit base (In this case we have used a mold of 24 cm in diameter) and so that it does not fall abruptly pour it on a spoon turned so that it falls with less force. Once added tooda the mixer a few taps to remove the air bubbles and put in the oven at a higher level than the water tray that we had placed

To bake it first we are going to bake the first 10 minutes with a fan or turbo at 150ºC. If we did not have any, this is simply because the dough is very liquid and this serves to get a fast consistency and does not run out in case of cracks. the cookie. But this step is not strictly necessary.

After 10 minutes and we will remove the turbo, nothing fan or aire.En total we will bake 50 minutes.That is if we have done the 10 minutes with turbo baked we will bake 40 minutes more without the fan. And if we do not have turbo or airepues a total of 50 minutes.

After this time it will still be blanquita, nothing happens we want it that way. Now we will turn off the oven and let it rest inside the oven with the residual heat 30 minutes.

Now we have a texture similar to a custard and so that it does not break we will take off the edges with the help of a knife soaked in warm water. Once the edges have peeled off and we only have to let it cool and cool in the fridge. one day to another.

Once it’s cold, we just have to remove it and cover the surface with strawberry jam, and a good layer of strawberries with slices that we will paint with jam so that they shine more and do not rust.