We often think of sushi restaurants as places which only sells raw fish on top of rice. But sushi stands for small bites of uniqueness. It really does. So for many sushi places with belts transporting they also serve other things than raw fish.

In the documentary series”Only in Japan”, John visits and shows what other types of food you can order at a Belt Sushi restaurant. It is more than you think.


Only in Japan tries out a Belt Sushi Restaurant

This is one of many conveyor Belt Sushi restaurants in Japan that is called kaitenzushi in Japanese. They are favorite place as their restaurants are made for families to come. with everybody.

Yes, this place is for everybody! Here you find all kinds of people. From babies with their mums and young kids, pregnant mothers and people who can’t eat raw fish, kaitenzushi is the answer.

Check out this amazing SUSHI BELT in JAPAN! And guess they don’t have SUSHI but CHEESE BURGERS at their belt! Have you seen that before?

There is more than meets the Eye at a Belt Sushi restaurant in Japan

You can find something to eat here for anyone. These conveyor belt restaurants are now all around the world except for in countries like Norway where we are located. But in Japan, where this type of restaurant got its origin the menu is huge!

In this episode of Only in Japan, John tries all the non-raw items they can eat and see if it’s as good as the traditional sushi. It’s not a fair comparison but it’s a chance to see if this could satisfy a food critic Jennifer Julien which is a star at the show! She is French and they love food a lot.

You can check out Kura Sushi Menu here:

In this production which is always in high standard. John explores the other side of the sushi menu at the restaurant. It is an interesting experience for them that they showed perfectly in this documentary by one of the best Japan inviters of all time.

Cheese Burgers, Steak and Ramen at a Belt Sushi Restaurant in Japan!

photosource: Only In Japan on YouTube – So much delicious food to choose from. Not only sushi at Belt Sushi restaurants!

This show has been created and produced by John Daub ジョン・ドーブ. He’s been living and working in Japan for over 21 years and regularly reports on TV for Japan’s International Channel. He deserves all the support that he can get. Because he makes YouTube a worthy channel to watch. This is higher quality than usual. We at Distrita haven’t been paid for writing this. But we love to support those that deserve to be supported.

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Source: Only In Japan on YouTube