This is the deal: You get a mini video screen, video camera and a computer, all-in-one! This may be the computer of the future! While Apple is thinking of iWatch, Google is planning their glasses! And the consumers don’t need to wait too long! At the end of the year, ready for Christmas you can buy the Google Glasses! Already now 2000 chosen testers can enjoy the newest trend available, but it’s not for free. The testers have to pay 1500 dollars!

Google Glasses
Google Glasses

Here are the specifications:

– A small video screen almost like a 25″ HD screen seen from a 2.5 meters distance.

-A 5 mp camera

-Video recorder with 720p

-Sound with Bone Conduction, a new technology that uses bones for realistic sound making

-Wireless Internet with support for 802.11b/g

-Bluetooth 4.0 or better

-16GB storage space, where 12 is free

-Big enough battery for one day normal usage

-Micro USB support

-Compatibility with all phones with Bluetooth support