People MoverA lightweight diesel railcar, with flywheel energy storage, had a nice demonstration time with commuter service on the Mid-Hants heritage railway in southern England for four weeks. Then there was a diesel car that was tested on the Stourbridge Town Branch Line in the West Midlands back in 2006. That trial lasted for a year and now The Parry People Mover is on the run daily.

The Parry People Mover uses tram cars that say PPM50 on them. The PPM50 has space for 20 seated and 30 standing passengers. It uses a flywheel to store energy, permitting the use of a smaller diesel engine than would otherwise be required.

‘These lightweight railcars are capable of serving locations that would normally be considered too small for a rail service’, said GO! Co-operative Business Development Director Chris Phillimore: ‘Based on the success of the demonstration, we will be aiming to move to a permanent service during 2011.’ Which this train service is now doing.

People Mover by GOCO

The trials were undertaken by GOCO, supported by East Hampshire District Council, Hampshire County Council, Mid-Hants Railway, Parry People Movers Ltd and South West Trains. Finance has been provided through a special issue of loan stock from Lightweight Community Transport and GOCO members.

Today, however. South Staffordshire Line between Stourbridge Junction and Brierley Hill, providing passenger services on the line. It is very popular as lots of people use it every day. It is a special and iconic line that is loved by the locals. It is tiny but it does its job where it is located in the United Kingdom.

At the Stourbridge Town Branch, this automated train runs on its single-track line service. So the service has to be provided by just one operating vehicle which can complete the double journey within a time frame of 10 mins so that six double journeys can be provided every hour. So, The Parry People Mover is perfect for such a shuttle service.


Maybe your town or city could have such a service?




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