reviewsondistritaIf you didn’t know. Distrita have made lots of reviews since our launch in January 2010. You can find them on our reviews page.

Distrita tries to cover all categories when we review things. We try to find things that other sites doesn’t cover and make the info available for you. Either its an extension for some retro console or computer … or we write about a movie or a restaurant that you might not have heard of.

But..!? While we do cover odd articles and reviews. We also cover newer things and one of most modern things. Together we fill that this makes to what Distrita is today. We want it to be independent and different from other websites. We want to give you information, because we feel that the Internet is about giving out information that creative minds wants to share.

Let Distrita share the important news that our contributors wants to share. If you want to participate, please do Contact us here