The upper level of smartphones was mainly divided between models of cellular phones with qwerty keyboard and the touch screen phones. But this changed a lot in the last years and now the qwerty smartphones are much harder to find than before. Let’s guide you thru great qwerty smartphone tips.

Here are our Top 3 reasons why Qwerty Smartphones should have a comeback!

#1 More Control

The biggest fact is that qwerty smartphones got their keyboards integrated into its main panel or concealed under a sliding panel. While the many touch-screen phones typically do not have the manual buttons or keys, and all functions are controlled by touch screen by pressing relevant active points.

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Some touch screen models have a navigation pod or several function keys. They have a programmable key. Then you have touch phones like the Apple iPhone which is a typical example of a touch screen phone where you need to touch the screen to do anything.

All of the qwerty keys on the BlackBerry Android phones can have shortcuts.

#2 Write Fast

BlackBerry is one of the most popular qwerty cell phones of all time. Sometimes BlackBerry is even used as a synonym for qwerty cell phones because of the strong position that they had. Palm was also a big qwerty smartphone producer.

The second-biggest advance with a qwerty smartphone is that it will turn your hands into writing hands. Hitting the touch screen is great but when you have a physical keyboard to click on. Your hands are able to write much faster. Just try to attach a Bluetooth keyboard to test this out. It is a difference!

We can all agree on the touch screen phones tend to be elegantly designed, they are quite awkward when you need to enter large chunks of data, participate in instant messaging or write a string of SMS messages. Never mind how stylish is a touch screen phone, it will unlikely to be a serious business gadget.

Writing e-mails, edit Word documents or Excel spreadsheets, sorting out the PowerPoint presentations – it is something that should be done easily with any modern smartphone. Can you do that without controls, i.e. buttons? It’s way harder on phones without any qwerty keyboard.

#3 Less Dirt

Qwerty mobile phone models like BlackBerry, Palm, Nokia, Pantech, and HTC to name a few are running Windows Mobile OS, SymbianOS and Android.

There are no iPhones with a qwerty keyboard option. This is a quite huge mistake by them. Because Apple seems to want to only sell beautifully made smartphones. After a short time, the touch screen of any iPhone is getting scratches and dirt on them. With a qwerty smartphone, your phone screen will last much much longer!

In principle, when you think about selecting your perfect smartphone you will probably make your choice depending on your own style, taste, and needs. You have to choose a mobile phone that will deliver all the essential elements of business operation and recreational opportunities. Qwerty mobile phone models typically offer enhanced business features and way more control for the user, but many people believe that the small buttons on the keyboard are not suitable for their large thumbs. Now, that’s a somewhat exaggeration, folks!

To make sure that a qwerty cell phone is for you, buy it in a mobile phone shop, where you can test-drive several models. You need to hold it in the palm of your hand and feel the keypad buttons in order to verify if the testing phone fits as a qwerty cell phone suits your lifestyle.

Go qwerty and it will change your life for the better. Save the qwerty smartphones market. Not everyone is made for a smartphone with only touch functionalities. Qwerty smartphones should have new customers too.

Maybe Titan will do something with it? Their funny video above shows that they are approaching a totally different audience than Apple or Samsung,… Or TCL in China which is making the new Android-based BlackBerry phones with qwerty keyboards on them. BlackBerry KEY2 Interesting times ahead.


Source: Distrita Own Experience