In Norway we love pancakes. We eat them a few times a month because they are tasty and the different variations of dinner types that you can make are a lot. You can make pancakes with ham, mushrooms or even banana and Nutella. You can create salty or sweet ones and they impress anyone.

In this recipe, I wanted to do Fluffy Japanese Pancakes with a Norwegian touch. Instead of using oil. I am using butter after I have made the dough for the fluffy pancakes.

Get all of the ingredients ready for the Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

You need to prepare these ingredients

  • 4 egg yolk
  • 4 egg whites separated
  • 1 deep teaspoon with sugar
  • 1 deep teaspoon with brown sugar
  • Milk
  • 1 butter to use
  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1/3 teaspoon of baking powder
  • A pinch of salt
  • Vanilla paste

Most important in the beginning is to not mix the yolk and the whites. Make sure that you put them in different bowls. Be careful as my first time when I spilled just a little yolk in the whites bowl and started to mix. It never became cream.

The best tip is to just put all of the ingredients out before you start. Then you don’t need to find the ingredients while you make the mixes.

Step by step for getting Japanese Fluffy Pancakes with a Norwegian touch


First, you need to mix the yolk

For the best mixing procedure. I used a manual wisp for the yolk mix. Then I used a machine for the whites separated mix that you can see below.

I started by adding white sugar while I wisp as fast as I can. Then I added baking powder and all-purpose flour and wisp even more. Then I added more baking powder and wisp until my arm hurts. The mix starts to get thicker. You must feel it.


Then focus on the cream

Then focus on the whites. Start to use your mixer and add white sugar. Let it mix for a bit, then add the brown sugar and continuing wisp. In the end, it will all be creamy. But as written above don’t get any yolk into this mix or you will not get any creamy texture at all.

I used step 1 on my hand mixer. Don’t use the fastest step as it is said that the cream won’t be made if you do. So I followed that tip and I must say that I’ve never got such creamy texture as I did here. Amazing!


Put the white cream to the yolk mixture

Once the white cream is stiff enough. You pour little by little into the yolk mixture. You do this little by little. Each time you put a scoop of white cream into the yolk mix. Then carefully mix it with your manual mixer so that the mix will get fluffy air mixed into the mix.

Do this procedure until you have no more white cream. Rest you can just eat yourself. Remember to not waste food!


Time to make the Fluffy Pancakes

The pan that you use should be warmed up to step 4-5. When you warm up the pan, put butter into the pan. I didn’t use oil as in Norway we use butter for making our pancakes.

Once the butter starts to do a fizzle sound. It means that it is ready for getting the very first spoon of fluffy pancake mix. Make sure that you get all of the pancake mix inside the scoop onto the pan. I would recommend you to use a deeper scoop for this task.


The first flip is a Success

As you see in the picture above. It looks really good. Maybe if I used oil and honey it would be more fluffy. But I wanted to make my own version. With steaking the pancake mix in a pan with butter then the pancake itself will have a little salty kick to them that goes really well with the sugar in the mix.

Before you flip it for the first time. You can check the color underneath it before flipping. You can look at the pancake when you should flip it. It’s a magical moment between you and the pancake for sure.


The Fluffy Pancakes are now Ready to be Eaten

When done on each of the sides. Take it carefully of the pan to a plate.

On the plate it can just cool off. With 4 eggs you will make about 8 fluffy pancakes. You can, of course, adjust this to your own needs.

Once you have made them. It is time to east. We ate them alone, with a slice of ham or even with Nutella. These fluffy pancakes with that Norwegian touch of butter make them so tasty. Also by using brown sugar they also get a very nice taste to them too.

These pancakes aren’t that big as regular Japanese fluffy pancakes, but they are much bigger than Norwegian pancakes and French crepes.

It is also a nice family thing to have. Let your son participate. They will love helping to make pancakes and it is a lot of fun with it too. Good Luck!

Source: Michal Bergseth