Since the dawn of time. Almost every game developer have always managed to put cheat codes in their gaming code. Its always been fun when youve discovered them and it does something special to your game. Really.

In Worms DC on the Amiga, you can write “jamie and his magic torch”, which activates all of the special weapons in that game. There is also a cheatcode bringing out a grandma walking that explodes too in the game like an atombomb. Other games like Doom, Quake or any out there have had this ability. But now,.. if people find a way to cheat. You even start to be fined! $5000 is humongous amount for cheating. Whats going on?

You will be billed if cheating in Fortnite Battle Royale

If you get caught cheating in Fortnite Battle Royale, you can get a fine at $5000. Charles Vraspir cheated in the game nine times and he got that fine right now.

Epic Games is apprehended the cheating and the fact that he helped others to cheat is also the reason. They mention that this destroys the gaming experience to others who do not cheat. But is this a reason to fine Charles Vraspir for $5000???

In every game, people have always tried to find ways to cheat. There should never be put a price on cheating in games. It means that gaming development these days is taken way to seriously. Epic Games shouldnt fine him at all,.. but rather give him $5000 for be able to actually do the cheating itself. If you find weaknesses in a game, it is the gamer that should be paid so that eventually the game developers can fill that cheat and get ridd of it.

If cheating in games gets you a fine of $5000, then its something really wrong going on in this world. If Charles Vraspir actually managed to create cheatcodes in Fortnite Battle Royale, then Epic Games should applaud to him. How is this a bad move? Why cant Epic Games see the epicness of what Charles have done? Google paid the man that managed to takeover their Google domain once. They also wanted to fine the one that managed to do so, but because of lots of complaints. They gave him a reward instead. Epic Games should do the same thing towards Charles Vraspir for sure, I think!